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This material contained in this web site and relating to individual estates or properties has been prepared by Allam Property Group (APG) has been prepared for the information of potential purchasers to assist them in deciding if they are sufficiently interested in any estate of individual property.

The information displayed and contained in the associated material and any documents/attachments does not in any part constitute any form of offer or contract; it is provided as a guide only and has been provided in good faith and with due care.

APG bring to the attention of all parties that the material within the web site relates to developments that may not yet to be completed and that changes might be made during the course of planning, construction and civil works or as a result of statutory or design requirements.

These changes may also include changes to road layouts and placement that may also impact on the layout of some surrounding roads and other parts of the estates.

Anyone with potential interest in these properties and estates should satisfy themselves in relation to all aspects of the properties and of all matters that a prudent person would consider relevant. The information supplied or promoted is not intended to substitute for obtaining individual professional advice.

APG, their agents or employees will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from any statement or other information relied upon or contained within any display or other marketing material.

APG reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to vary any details, or to amend any terms and conditions without notice including any promotional offers.

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